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AmeriCapital FX - HFT Prop Firm Path to $120,000+ Dollars a Month in Payouts -

-Think About it for a Minute -

- With our low prices for passing the account challenge for you, you can take millions of dollars in Funded Accounts as fast as you can afford to pay for the challenges.

- If you are on a budget, start with a small account.

- $99 Gets you a $25k Account with Quantec - There are other HFT Prop Firms with even smaller starting account sizes.

We will 100% Pass the account in 1 or 2 days usually. Worst case scenario is it takes 4 days because it's a 2 phase challenge and the markets are having a slow week.
"OK ..I'M Listening."

Our Fee to pass a $25k up to a $50k Challenge is only $75.

Yes. $75. And if you are skeptical you can wait to pay us until your challenge is 50% Passed.

"Ok.... That's Cool. Continue..."

Now you have a $25,000 account you can leverage in the markets guaranteed! There is no risk of failing the challenge! On a $25k account, 5% a month in profits is $1,250.
" Ok..hmmm..I am becoming intrigued."

- So for a $174 Total investment, if you can make only 5% a month on that account you can get a return of $15,000 a year! With just 1 Small Account!

"Whoa! I like the way you think."
- If you make $1,250 in your first month, and you want to start carefully, you can reinvest $200 of that into the next step up from $25k to a $50k account.

Once again we 100% Guaranteed Pass it with Zero Risk of you losing your $200 by failing the challenge.

Again the fee to pass is only $75 so for $275ish you now control another $50,000 in the markets, for a total of $75,000 in the markets.
"Awesome Dude."

- But now you are using your profits and investing no money of your own anymore.
$75,000 at only 5% a month profits is $3,750 a month! That's $45,000 a year from only an initial $174 investment of your own money when you started with the first $25k account!

 "Oh Yeah." $$

But why stop there? Now reinvest $450 into a $100k account. We pass $100k accounts for only $125. You are not even spending your own money at this point!

"I could kiss you." 

Now you control, $175,000 in the markets. Again, if you only profit a very conservative 5% a month, that is $8,750 a month which is $105,000 a Year! From a $174 investment!

" Ok ...time to quit my day job!"

Repeat! Now take a $200k Account. Only costs $225 for us to pass it for you Guaranteed. Now you control $375,000 in the Markets!

If you only make 5% a month on that $375k that is $18,750 a month! Which is $225,000 a year from only ever investing $174 of your own money!

- Are you starting to see the big picture here yet? You can continue this process until, just with 1 of the 15 or 20 HFT Prop Firms, Quantec, you control $1.2 Million Dollars in the markets!

$1.2 Million at only 5% a month is $60,000 a month. That is $720,000 a year.

If you are married or have a partner you can double that to $2.4 Million Dollars that you control in the markets which at 5% a month is $120,000 a month which is $1-Million Four Hundred and Forty Thousand Dollars a Year from only ever investing $174 of your own money.

-You can spread this process out over 10 or more other HFT Prop Firms. With all of that income you can now branch out to taking accounts with Non- HFT Prop Firms. If you cannot pass those challenges yourself, you now can easily pay one of our partners to do it for you. That adds about another 20 or 30 prop firms to your portfolio.

- Can you see how the potential of this is virtually unlimited? From an initial investment of $174? After which the process pays for everything else with no more money ever coming out of your own pocket?
"But wait....I am not a very skilled trader. Or, I really suck at trading, or I can't trade at all!" 

- It doesn't matter! We can refer you to true professional account management companies who can generate 3% to 10% monthly returns on those accounts, without blowing them.

"OK.... Getting happy again."$

And even if an account occasionally does get blown, so what! You have 20 other accounts and you can replace the blown account in a matter of days.
- Have Questions? Wanna Get Started? Want a directory list of all the HFT Prop Firms complete with pricing, discount codes, links, and payout schedules for Free?

-If you are interested or have any questions at all you can message me here:

You can also reach me by Text Message in the USA or Canada at: (619) 779-0420

Or by WhatsApp if you are anywhere else in the world at: +16197790420

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