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Get Rid from Higher APR on Credit Cards with Zero Percent Credit Cards

The term ‘Zero percent credit cards’ is also known as 0% APR credit cards. They are credit cards that give a promotional period during which you won't be charged any interest on your shopping or even transfer of balance. These cards can be helpful if you're searching to make a large purchase or transfer present high-interest debt to save on interest charges. There are lots of service providers available in the market who is serving the financial needs of the customers with Zero Percent Credit Cards in Portland OR. AmeriCapital Solutions are here with the best finance facilities available and making the life easy.

Where can I use the credit cards facilities?

These credit cards can be used for new shopping as well as balance transfers. Some cards give the zero percent APR on both, while others may use just to one. It is important to go through the terms and conditions to known the features.

Enjoy the Promotional Period

Zero percent credit cards commonly give an introductory period during which the zero percent APR uses. The time period may differs commonly from six months to 18 months, according to the credit card issuer and specific offer.


Zero percent credit cards sometime need a good to excellent credit score to succeed. Confirm to check the eligibility needs of the credit card and assess the creditworthiness before using. Applying for numerous credit cards within a short period can unenthusiastically impact your credit score, so it's sensible to be selective and apply for cards that you have a higher chances for being endorsed for.

When considering Business Loan Bad Credit Springfield, OR and zero percent credit cards, it's essential to go through and understand the terms and conditions beforehand. You should be familiar about the potential fees, restrictions and penalties.


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