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Get Up to $150,000 in Zero Percent Credit Cards

Get Up to $150,000 in
Zero Percent Credit Cards

Get Up to $150,000 in Zero Percent Credit Cards

Cards in Hand Within 2 Weeks

We Can Potentially Get You or Your Business up to $150,000 in Zero Percent Introductory Rate Credit Cards

Do You Need Access to Capital/Credit for Your New Business or to Start a New Business?
Do You Need an Emergency Credit Line for Your Established and Growing Business?


Low-Interest, High-Limit credit cards can provide a lot of flexibility, as you get access to funds up to a credit limit and only pay interest on what you use. If managed correctly, they can also help to establish business credit or increase your personal credit scores.

If you have a personal credit score of at least 650 and at least $40,000 per year annual income then you have a very high potential of being approved.


Logistically, low-interest credit cards can be very useful because you or the business can use them to pay personal or business expenses, which in turn frees up available cash in the business bank account. This can be crucial if you are experiencing a temporary cash-flow shortage. for some reason.

As well, having high credit limit, low-interest credit cards can give you a lot of peace of mind as you know you are covered if any type of emergency arises.

The advantage to working with AmeriCapital Solutions partnered with Oasis Funding Network is that, if you qualify, we have the financing solution and the type of Business Lines of Credit that fit the unique needs of your specific business. 


If your business for some reason is at a stage where it currently does not qualify for a conventional Business Line of Credit, our credit card program is just one of many alternative solutions to deal with your immediate need for capital.


As well, we can help you build a roadmap, with specific goal points to reach, to get you approved for a true, bank Business Line of Credit as soon as possible in the future.


 ​With us You Have Access to Our Network of:

  • Banks

  • Credit Unions

  • Equipment Lenders

  • Private Lenders

  • Unsecured Working Capital Lenders

  • Unsecured Credit Line Lenders

  • Commercial Real Estate Lenders (Conventional and Private Money)

  • Hard Money Lenders

  • Single-Family and Multi-Family Real Estate Investment Lenders

  • Fix & Flip Lenders

  • Investors

  • And More

Our Credit Card Program Can be Used for any USA Business and in some cases you can even get personal credit cards as well.

  • 0% Credit Cards for Start-Ups

  • 0% Credit Cards for Construction Companies

  • 0% Credit Cards for HVAC Contractors 

  • 0% Credit Cards for Plumbing Contractors

  • 0% Credit Cards for Electrical Contractors

  • 0% Credit Cards for Restoration & Remediation Companies

  • 0% Credit Cards for Roofing Contractors

  • 0% Credit Cards for Solar Companies

  • 0% Credit Cards for Restaurants

  • 0% Credit Cards for Hotels, Motels, and Resorts

  • 0% Credit Cards for Medical Practices

  • 0% Credit Cards for Dental Practices

  • 0% Credit Cards for Orthodontists

  • 0% Credit Cards for Any USA Business  

Cards in Hand Within 2 Weeks

Find Out in as Fast as 1 Hour What Your Approval Amount Range Would Be

Request More Information or Just a Copy of Our Funding Programs Overview PDF to Keep on File

Thank You! Someone Will be Reaching Out to You Very Soon.

Our Sources Have Relationships With Banks With Whom They Have a Consistent Track Record of Getting Approvals

Cards in Hand Within 2 Weeks

Oasis Funding Network Partner

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