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FREE Valuable PDF!


Download Free PDF List of Prop Firms that Allow the Use of an HFT EA Robot to Pass the Challenge Phases in as fast as FIVE Minutes!

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Learn How to Leverage massive capital within as Fast as 1 to 30 Days from Now by getting paid to trade a prop firms virtual capital

FREE PDF Includes:
  • List of All Prop Firms that Allow You to Use a High Frequency Trading Bot to Pass the Evaluation Challenges as Fast as 5 Minutes!
  • Links to Each Prop Firm on the List
  • Current Discount Codes (Updated Weekly)
  • Important Rules of Each Prop Firm
  • Payout Information for Each Prop Firm
  • Challenge Passing Service Info
  • HFT EA FX Robot Purchase Info
  •  and Much More...
Forex Day Trader

Hi - I'm Rodney, the Founder and CEO of AmeriCapital Solutions

In addition to running AmeriCapital Solutions, I am also a FOREX day trader.  If you are a trader then you likely are aware that there are many Proprietary Firms (Prop Firms) that will pay you to trade their capital, if you can prove that you are a disciplined trader that can be consistently Profitable.

However less than 2% of persons who take their evaluation challenges ever pass, even after multiple attempts. The requirements and rules can make it very difficult, despite the fact that, were you able to acquire the funded account, there are many low risk ways to trade large amounts of capital and generate a nice residual income or even become quite wealthy.

Most persons just lack the capital or a way to acquire it. But if you can pass the Prop Firm's trading challenge you can be provided with that opportunity to leverage Millions of Dollars in the markets, as fast as you can afford to pay the evaluation challenge fee for each account.

If you are interested in skipping the stress of the Prop Firm challenge, and just want to skip right ahead to having the funded account, we can pass the challenge for you as Fast as seven Minutes (with specific prop firms only that are compatible with our trading robot - The Prop Firms on the Downloadable PDF List on this page). 

By utilizing our service, you could be trading a $500,000 account as fast as the same day we start your challenge.

To Learn More Please Contact us in Which Ever of These Ways is Most Convenient or Comfortable for You.

To Get Weekly Updates of the HFT Prop Firm List as Well as Our Results from Testing Other Trading Robots and Forex Account Management Options Visit & Join Our Telegram Group Here:

Or Fill Our the Contact Form Below and be Leveraging from $10,000 up to Millions of Dollars  in the Markets as Soon as Tomorrow or Next Week.

To Acquire the Prop Firm Accounts you have 2 Options:
  1. Utilize Our Challenge Passing Service: Prices Start at Only $99 Per Account
  2. Purchase the Software Robot: Pass as Many Challenges as You Want on Your Own

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